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丰牌金盒装问荆茶 Feng Brand Wenjing Tea

wenjing new
It is reported that “Wenjing”, a Chinese plant, can prevent and cure arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. It is also been confirmed that its effective ingredient is the silicic acid that is especially efficacious in resuming the elasticity of the blood vessels that has been sclerosised.
Feng Brand WENJING TEA is made from high quality green tea grown near Lake Tai of Wuxi Province, China; mixed with Wenjing (Equisetum Arvense), which does not contain any chemical compound.
As it has antipyretic and diuretic effects and also dispels endogenous heat from blood and softens blood vessels, it is an ideal health drink for the young and old. After carrying out over 200 clinical tests in Wuxi medical institutes, it was testified that it abates high-cholesterol and high-triglyceride, and that is good for preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases with no side effects.